Image of Harlot


The new Harlot shirt was inspired by lyrics from our song "Exchange without the vows".


I'm sorry, but the media told me it was okay.
Big greasy men grabbin' babes by the fist full.
I'm sorry, but they didn't tell me it shouldn't be this way.
What are morals when hormones are pumpin' through my skull?
Someone should have told her that she was worth it.
It's such a novel idea to assume our bodies mindlessly breed.
Companionship no more.
We have brought the brothel home.
This is where he stands. He stands so tall and proud to hide his secrets.
This where she stands. Disclosing it all.
Trying to find honesty while fabrication sinks it's teeth.
Dine your eyes.
Feed your guilt. It tastes so pure.
Love is green, its green like money and sick like the ocean.
Carnal like desire; carnal like your thoughts; once loved now abhorred.
I have been plagued all the while coming to the realization that...
...Lust is a greedy bastard!
He takes what he needs and what he wants he got.
Tell me sir, how are you by any means so different?
It's difficult isn't it? To introduce a savage to the progress of man.
Who is to blame in this matter? Who is the initiator?
Do you blame her for showing her skin, when you urge that her worth is not within,
the body she holds like a child when she learns that her love is a crook.
She was daddy's little girl.
Her "love" told her that it's okay. It's okay.
And she believed his every word. You vulture.
She is listening to purpose.
And he tells her lies.
Protector! Protect her! For the wolves have come for feasting.
Not even the bones will be left for the picking.
Surrender your title as gentleman and depart to your obscenity,
if that's what you want, if that's what you want but please tell me...
What husband wants his wife a harlot?
What woman wants her love a cheat?

Sold Out